Winkstone innovates core financing
through data and technology

Winkstone helps provide loans and investment services, which IT service providers and financial institutions could not offer before,
by collecting, analyzing and producing data through IT technology and by connecting consumers with financial institutions.

Mission & Vision

We innovate financial products through data.
We collect and analyze data owned by IT service providers, public and financial institutions, and produce information that provide value for innovating financial services.
We work with financial institutions to execute financial services that are based on data.
We connect daily life with financing through technology. We connect IT companies that already have a place in our daily life with financial institutions and offer paperless convenient loans and safe investment services.
We help more and more people to get access to financial benefits through AI.
We help financial institutions to reduce costs through our AI-based automated credit assessment engine and online loan/investment system and are able to offer financial services to more people.

Winkstone contemplates
financial innovation

Winkstone uses data and AI to innovate the market so
that anyone can receive fair financial services.


In order to assess the debt repayment capability of SMEs (small businesses/gig workers/startups), it is critical to have accurate cash flow estimations that are based on the business’ characteristics and specialized CSS system. Winkstone has built a separate integrated credit assessment model for each category of business which enables an automated sophisticated and accurate credit evaluation through data connection and AI and thus helps minimize cost and resources required for credit evaluation
P2P Lending Platform
Our P2P platform WINKSTONETM offers paperless convenient lending and secure investment services. Through our strategic partnerships with on-/offline platforms we offer distinguished financial services to SMEs and startups. Up to present, we have executed loans of 70 billion KRW with zero delinquency and zero insolvency.
Winkstone Loan Winkstone Invest
Our offline automated lending service system PLUTOTM enables customer acquisition, evaluation, lending and follow-up administration for SMEs (small business, gig worker/startups) on a 100% online basis. Winkstone can offer its PLUTOTM to financial institutions that want to enter any of these lending market categories and help quickly gain a position in such markets.

Our Team

Our team comprises of professionals with expertise in fintech, finance and IT. Our team is focused on solving problems that the current financial industry could not solve.

CEO Oh-hyung Kwon
  • HonestFund, CFO
  • PwC Korea, FAS
  • PwC U.S., Forensics
  • Daewoo Securities, Prop trader
  • Yonsei Univ. BA
Brandon Kwon
Chief Executive Officer
상무(CLO) 여의주
  • Fidelis Asset Management, team lead
  • KB Saving bank, Corperate finance
  • Myungji Univ. BA
Roy Yeo
Chief Loan Officer
현성주 전략이사(CSO)
  • Hanhwa Life/Securities, Digital Strategy
  • ICB/HANPASS, Head of Strategy
  • BNK bank, International Finance Manager
  • Pusan National Univ. BA
Aiden Hyun
Chief Strategy Officer
데이터사이언스센터장 김학중
  • AIA Life/Hyundai Capital, Risk/CSS
  • Meritz capital, Head of CSS
  • Lendit, Head of CSS strategy/Operation
  • Welcome saving bank
  • DongKuk Univ. BA
John Kim
Head of Data Science Center
서비스기획센터장 문태경
  • Coinone, Product Lead
  • DX-SQUARED, Chief Researcher
  • HonestFund, Lead of Planning service
  • IDAS, Hongik Univ.
Taylor Moon
Head of Service Planning Center


At Winkstone, anyone can be a Mini CEO. We're still making new innovations
in the fintech industry.

→ Careers

A culture in which the achievement of members becomes the value of the company

As your company grows, your personal career should grow as well. We pursue a rational culture in which rights and responsibilities are given according to the size of achievements along with a career development plan that considers each individual's goals and capabilities.

A culture where the journey itself is the essence

Quickly test hypotheses and create customer impact as a team. They make autonomous decisions with ownership, but face the consequences humbly. What matters is what you learn along the way. Along the way, your personal career will also grow.